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The Perfect Gifts For Your Girlfriends

Picking out a gift for your girlfriends can be tricky. Even if you know them well, you still

want to make sure they like what you give them. Everyone has received gifts that they

don’t like before, and it can be one of the most awkward situations you’ll ever

experience as a gift-giver. You don’t want to be rude and disrespectful by telling them

that you don’t like the present; however, you know you’ll throw it away as soon as you

get home. To help you avoid possible embarrassment or waste of money and time, we

have a list of things that any girl is sure to love.

Make Their Baths The Bomb

The first thing you could give one of your girlfriends is a bath bomb set. Bath bombs are

fun and a great way to add more excitement to the bathing experience. Not only do they

come with cool colors and intriguing scents that make your bath look fabulous, but they

also come packed with minerals to help keep your skin smooth and healthy.

There is nothing more relaxing than taking a nice hot bath after a long hard day, so why

not make that bath even better? If you can’t figure out what gift to give your friend, a

bath bomb is your sure-fire solution.

Create A Comforting And Cozy Experience

The second idea for a gift is something a little more obscure and less known. Weighted

blankets have been around for a long time; however, they have only recently risen in

popularity. Weighted blankets provide even more comfort than a standard blanket and

have plenty of benefits that come along with them.

Weighted blankets are said to reduce stress and anxiety through pressure therapy and

mitigation. Many people claim weighted blankets have helped improve their mental

health and sleeping problems, so maybe a weighted blanket might be the gift you

should choose.

A Purr-fect Gift

Finally, we have a gift catered to a girlfriend of yours who loves cats. We all have that

one friend who has many cats, so why not get her something cat-related? Cats are

incredibly adorable and loved by everyone so that a cat T-shirt would make a perfect

gift. But what’s even better than one cat T-Shirt? Well, that, of course, would be a cat T-

shirt subscription that will deliver a new cat shirt to your friend’s door every month.

A cat shirt subscription is truly the gift that keeps on giving, as you’ll regularly be getting

more shirts in the mail. If you haven’t found the perfect gift yet, then look no further!

Your girlfriends will be delighted with any of these three gift-giving solutions that you will

feel confident giving. Whether a bath bomb set, a weighted blanket, or a fun-filled cat T-

shirt subscription, you’ll be considered a thoughtful gift-giver.


Why Cats Make the Best Pets

Over 80 million American households own at least one pet and the consensus is that cats make the best

pets. More than 40 million households can’t be wrong. Cats are intelligent, low maintenance, and cuddly

little creatures. They’re small enough for a lap nap and they love human interaction. These agile little

pets have peaked human curiosity for ages. Not only do they make fantastic low maintenance

companions, but they also help keep your home rodent free. As if you needed any more convincing,

there are tons of reasons why cats make the best pets.

Clean and Quiet

Cats tend to be clean animals. They spend an inordinate amount of time grooming themselves and they

avoid most things a dog will roll in. Not only will your little feline friend rarely need a bath, but they

won’t track things into the house either. They typically purr when you pet them almost always feeling

soft and clean. Cats aren’t as loud as dogs, either. They can be vocal but even constant meowing doesn’t

spark a complaint from your neighbor. Cats are typically only vocal when they want to communicate

something. Whether they’re really happy to see you or they’re bugging you for treats, cats aren’t as loud

as other pets and meowing is sporadic at best.

Low Maintenance Companions

Cats are low-maintenance pets who don’t require a ton of undivided attention. While they do want to

be your companion, they’re often happy just to curl up next to you. Cats sleep the better part of 12-15

hours daily, so you won’t feel bad about your long work hours. Since cats don’t need to go on long walks

multiple times per day, they can tolerate being home alone longer. They don’t require a lot of training

because they know how to use a litter box as soon as you set it up. This also makes cats the ideal pets in

an apartment or condo setting where neighbors are in close quarters. Plus, they instinctively protect

your home from pests and creepy crawlies. Cats will either hunt these items or play with them until they

stop moving. Either way, your home will be free of unwanted guests.

Calming Effect

Many studies have indicated that cats have a calming effect on their owners. Besides being great

companions, they can actually be good for your health. Spending time with your feline friend can help

lower your blood pressure and substantially lower your risk for heart disease. Isn’t that enough to love

these furry little frisky friends? Shout it from the rooftops, cats make the best pets! Then grab a t-shirt

that shows your support. Kitty TeeFun offers awesome cat shirts in sizes ranging from youth small to 4

extra-large in men’s and women’s designs, so there something for everyone. Ensure you always have a

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